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I asked the producers many times why they had scheduled the all-night-scuba-diving-in-a-lake scene for the END of the shoot in frosty mid-December, but answer came there none until the safety officers, who were off-duty police divers, gave me a lead. Well, the lake is infested by a strange bacterium that likes to colonise your ears and will turn any broken skin into a pizza-sized wound that will occasionally require amputation. Two sets of antibiotics and some googling later, it emerges that there IS a flesh-eating bacterium of Lake Lanier – and I am suffering from a very tenacious ear infection.

As I began my third night of shivering by the lakeshore, one of them suggested I might want to put a few drops of surgical spirit in my ears. His eyes widened, “And that is why it is called the Flesh-Eating Bacterium of Lake Lanier…” Hahahaha! Thus in all photos from Christmas, deaf to calls to “smile” at the camera, I am staring inexplicably at the floor, lost in my “am I being consumed from the ears out? The producers clearly left filming this scene until last because the subsequent amputation of my bacteria-ravaged ears would have been a nightmare for continuity.

His substance addictions ended after he woke up sometime in the 1980's with a sore ass (presumably from drugs??!?? (Most recently Craig astonishingly called Tom Cruise "a virgin"--actually it's the first I heard that--but it computes.

Or is he formerly gay-- back in his druggy and alcohol-fueled youth in the mean streets of Glasgow. That's the way you've teasingly described your sexuality and that of others such as David Beckham.

The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

Andrew in the interview stated, "I love white guys, I don't date Black guys.

I just have a thing for white boys." She went on saying, "A little vanilla and a little chocolate, they make cute babies." The whole interaction got worse when she was backlashed on Twitter.

She also gave her voice to hits like “Bye Bye and Wrong Number.” In 2012 she was ranked number 17 with the title the best 50 female wrestlers in the PWI females 50.

When TMZ asked her about dating black men, her reply certainly created an outrage among fans.

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