Dating a drug addict boyfriend microsoft forefront not updating client

He treated me right, better than any guy I've ever dated. A few weeks into our dating, he revealed his past to me.

He was a heavy drug user in high school-heroin being his top choice.

Knowing these 20 secret signs of addiction can help you prevent that from happening.

Over time, a higher tolerance to alcohol or drugs leads people with addiction problems to increase the quantity and frequency of their substance of choice without showing signs of being out of control.

I started dating a wonderful guy about 6 months ago.

He was sweet, funny, and we had a lot in common---pretty much the ideal guy.

I am not his first girlfriend since he separated and I wasn`t his last and very likely neither will you be.

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Despite the stereotypes of the staggering drunk or the emaciated addict, most people who overuse alcohol and drugs become adept at disguising their behavior.You see I learned as his previous ex girlfriend and his ex wife did and as you will too, Your boyfriend is an abuser and an addict. Addicts use people , think of only themselves and can`t love anyone including themselves.Their selfish narcissist behavior causes them to hurt others and never have a care or concern over their choices.I've never taken any kind of drug before, and was kind of naive on the subject, so I just accepted that he had a rough past, but was willing to overlook it.He was in most ways my ideal kind of guy, and thought that drugs wouldn't be an issue in our relationship.

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