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My parents refer to my Pugs as their “granddogs,” and I’m an auntie to their new puppy, QT.

We all know dogs give unconditional love, but did you know they can help us find love too?

The confederate was trained to interact in the same way in both versions of the study; the only difference being the presence or absence of the dog.

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An easy read that is simple and at the same time very challenging to the Christian who has not been following God.If you’re looking for a little romance, you may discover there is a dating service right there at the end of your leash! Deborah Wood, author of The Dog Lovers Guide to Dating: Using Cold Noses to Find Warm Hearts, told Dogs Life that dogs have been bringing people together in a variety of situations for years.People can see your gentle, warmer side when you’re with your dog, a side they don’t necessarily see in other social situations, Wood said.The caveat is that this study directly contradicts a previous study — this one by dating site Zoosk — that says that pictures of you with animals are terrible. While I have done approximately zero statistical research of my own, I can say with almost 100 percent confidence that some attractive people have dogs and some attractive people do not have dogs.According to , having other mammals in your profile pic — friends or dogs, doesn’t matter — drastically reduces your online popularity and the photo of you holding that Schnauzer is pretty much the reason you are alone. Armed with that information, you should feel comfortable taking pictures of yourself either with a dog, or without a dog, depending on dog availability and your own personal preferences.

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