Dating violence info

The impact of domestic violence on children may continue through adolescence and adulthood.

Adolescents who have grown up in violent homes are at risk of recreating the abusive relationships they have seen.

It’s important to know that both guys and girls can commit dating violence.

No one asks to be hurt and you are not responsible for someone else’s words or actions.

Some teens find themselves in relationships where violence/abuse (emotional, physical, or both) is present.

This guide and the dating violence quizzes can help you recognize the signs of dating violence, what to do if you are a victim of violence or you’re behaving in a violent way, learn the differences between a healthy relationship and an abusive relationship, learn what might cause a person to be violent in a relationship, and what to do if you or a friend is experience dating violence.

Young women who are abused by their boyfriends often become mature women who are abused by their husbands/partners.

This article on Teen Dating Violence may be helpful for you to read.

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