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After spending the month of October talking about goals and habits and being more intentional, I wanted to make some changes to the binder to help people do an even better job of managing their budget this year.

I know a lot of times we hear the word “budget” and think it’s scary or intimidating or just something those financial geniuses use, but that is so not true!

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Enter the topic you want to search for in the box and click "Next." clock has no idea who's clocking in. When someone locks in or out, their i Button number is recorded in the Tap's memory.

When the Tap is plugged into a PC running Time Pilot Central, the data in the clock is downloaded into the database and the software matches up the i Button number with the employee's name. Vetro clocks are different: They "know" the employee's name, because they have to display it on their LCD screen when he or she clocks in or out. Overtime will only be applied if it fits the overtime rules you have previously set.

I’ve also included an undated cover so that the binder can be used at any time.

🙂 In addition to writing out your budget and expenses, I thought it would be a good idea to start out by setting some financial goals for the year (and beyond).

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