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C.: In some places, local laws help to set domestic benefit requirements, Solomon says."In San Francisco, the 'equal benefits ordinance' says that companies that do business with the city government cannot require more of domestic partners in terms of proof of eligibility than they do of married couples," he says.It contradicts the whole definition of a fuck buddy!Having a friend to have sex with is like getting drunk, you feel great when you’re indulging in it, but the mornings usually come with its share of emotional hangovers.S., reports that gay couples can take advantage of benefits offered by most of the nation's largest employers, those with more than 5,000 workers."In states that recognize gay marriage or a civil union, you can use your marriage or civil union status to prove your partner is eligible for health insurance benefits," says Susan Pisano, a spokeswoman for the trade group America's Health Insurance Plans."In other states, proving eligibility is a little more complicated."Todd Solomon, a Chicago attorney and author of "Domestic Partner Benefits: An Employer's Guide," says the process of qualifying for domestic partner benefits can be burdensome in many cases, although some companies don't require much proof."Some employers require employees to prove they have been together for a certain time period, such as 12 months, or that the couple is financially interdependent," says Solomon.

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