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Friedman, who founded the program in 1999, joined Beth David when Shaar Shalom closed its doors for the last time at the end of June.

The synagogue ceased operations when its board and members determined that declining membership, an aging cohort and an absence of clergy made it impossible to function as a going concern.

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Last week, Beth David Beth Israel Beth Am Synagogue announced it would host “A New Beginning” dance on Nov.

13 under the auspices of “Shaar Shalom Singles at Beth David.” Linda Friedman chairs the singles committee, whose name references its origin as a program developed at the Shaar Shalom Synagogue, but which now has been adopted by Beth David.

Shaar Shalom Synagogue might be gone, but some vestiges of the Vaughan house of worship continue to live on.

Just as the shul’s tangible assets have been distributed to other congregations throughout Ontario – its Torahs, holy books, chairs and tables have found new homes – so, too,have the synagogue’s intangible assets – its members and programs – gone on to enrich other synagogues.

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