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The book of Zephaniah was written before 629 BC when Josiah found and eagerly read the holy scriptures discovered in the temple.He later celebrated a great Passover feast and cleansed both the temple and the priests.Zephaniah's message no doubt played a key part in this revival.It is sobering to skim the list of judgments in this book or in any prophetical book.The judgment will leave a "humble remnant that will seek its refuge in the Lord." An otherwise obscure prophet from the distant past is thus revealed as being central to Christian understanding of the future.This is an important example of progressive revelation in the Bible, and how the concepts in the New Testament reflect and fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament: "Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7).

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Zephaniah explained that on this day God would punish the proud and mighty and reward the righteous. Smith writes: "Most scholars prefer a date before Josiah's reform in 621 B. for Zephaniah's ministry because Zephaniah denounced syncretistic practices, Baal worship, and child sacrifice which were prevalent during Manasseh's reign (1:4-9, 11-12; 3:1-4). Probably the lineage given is as long as it is to make known that his great-great grandfather was none other than Hezekiah, the king. It is significant, therefore, that in his description of Judah's hope he says nothing about a Messianic Son of David." (Understanding the Old Testament, pp.By denouncing such practices Zephaniah could have been a contributing influence in bringing about reform. 253-254) James King West writes: "No Old Testament prophet, other than those anonymous figures whose words are now embodied within the Isaiah collection, qualifies more readily for a place among Isaiah's disciples than does Zephaniah.By studying the book of Zephaniah, students can learn that they do not need to follow the sinful customs of the societies in which they live and that they can seek the Lord regardless of what others around them choose to do.Studying the book of Zephaniah can also help students prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which is also referred to as “the day of the Lord.” Students can learn that if they prepare for the Second Coming by repenting of their sins and turning to Jesus Christ, they can obtain peace in this life and joyfully look forward to the Second Coming. Zephaniah may have been a contemporary of other Old Testament prophets such as Jeremiah and Nahum and the Book of Mormon prophet Lehi (see Bible Chronology).

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