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Geert Hofstede is an organizational sociologist who has come up with a set of measurements of cultural characteristics that are commonly used in business research.

Though heavily western-centric and incapable of capturing much variation, they are useful because they assess everything from a common point of view.

I don't fit into the local category or foreigner category.

It breaks this taboo completely in the name of truth, exposing dark and negative truths about Taiwan that no one would dare to say.

In that sense, it stands out from the rest, and will probably be ostracized for that reason.

But on a couple of occasions I've been flabbergasted to see otherwise "mature" women acting like spoiled, petulant teenage princesses. And I've known and heard of guys who have had long-term relationships, even marriages with such women. Among the Taiwanese female friends I have not met one who even seems like she might qualify as a psycho xiaojie.

This trait exists among a few people in every culture, and not just among women (ever met a spoiled, entitled man who takes grand offense to even the most insignificant slights?

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