Westerners dating taiwanese women in taiwan

We’ve heard a million times that Japanese brides are the best housewives, Chinese girls are gentle, pretty and fragile like… The thing is, while a marriage between a Western man and an Eastern woman has for centuries been widespread and commonly accepted, couples comprising an Asian man and a western girl used to be frowned upon by bigots and were rare. And yet, the subject of Western wives of Eastern men is nearly an uncharted area, even though cultural differences mixed with peculiarities of female psychology can be intriguing.In Taiwan, more and more local men are longing to find a foreign wife; and more often they choose not a quiet and obedient girl from nearby China or Vietnam, but a loud redheaded Australian or a perky blue-eyed Russian.An “attractive” Asian woman (as per sensationalized by their media) is almost pre-pubescent in body shape. Well I like challenges, and not that it was a goal, but I’m very happy to have a very very fantastic boyfriend.Not only does he like me for me (mentally and physically) but he’s confident and accepting. I get stared at a lot in Asia for being foreign but a white girl with an Taiwanese male draws A LOT of attention (even from other foreigners). 20/03/06: I have made generalizations here but like any generalizations I feel there is truth to them. It makes me shake my head when I hear them say things like “Oh, I’ve never had a foreign guy ask me out. I know some Taiwanese female/foreign male couples who have been happily married for many years. I’m sure even happily married Taiwanese female/foreign male couples know plenty of other couples together for the wrong reason.

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Hofstede defines five dimensions of cultural variation.

I became very interested in this when I got over here.

The short story is, Asia is North American boy heaven. If you were looking for a deeper meaningful relationship I think you’d constantly be asking yourself “does she love me for me, or does she love me because of who she thinks I am/what I can give her? And it’s not that some of these guys don’t deserve incredible women, I just wonder if they’re getting the incredible women for the right reasons. Anyway, so as you can imagine most foreign guys (meaning non-Taiwanese) do not have a lot of interest in foreign (non-Taiwanese) women.

They are stronger, prettier, express their thoughts directly and often provide better citizenship in case of need.

“I would love to have a Western girlfriend”, he added.

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