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Idris Elba trains child soldiers in the first full trailer for Netflix’s original movie “Beasts of No Nation.” “I will always protect you because you’re my son and a son always protects a father,”…Cary Fukunaga, the director and executive-producer of highly-praised “True Detective,” Season 1, admitted that he never wanted to be involved with the second season of the HBO show — he’s also never seen it. The movie is a very difficult subject," he said of the Ghana-filmed war drama starring Idris Elba and local children.

It’s not that her grief bugs me – she has every right to grieve.In less than a decade, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have become so central to popular culture that, for many, they've replaced broadcast TV networks as the new Big Three — the core trinity of content delivery for millions of cord-cutting viewers.The world of digital streaming, however, expands far beyond the scope of these three services.That's the biggest democratic challenge for an art form that you have to ask the audience to be aware of the fact that they are just as responsible for the death of cinema as the people who make it." The hour-long talk included more discussion of the trends towards binge-watching and watching movies online as well as Fukunaga's background and approach to preproduction, rehearsal and filming, including the technical aspects of the latter.Specifically, Fukunaga offered more insight into the process of casting and filming Beasts, revealing that the main boy they cast in the film, 14-year-old Abraham Attah, was essentially a street vendor before.

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