Who is jurnee smollett dating

The WGN America series does not hold back on action, drama and the heavy realities of slavery in the American south.Some of the themes of racism and social injustice strikingly resemble headlines and stories in recent years in our country and community.What sent me over the edge was the heavy-handed punishment of a female character who happened to be interested in sex, and the implication that the rest of her days on Earth were doomed to loneliness and regret.

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on its opening day, I left the movie completely annoyed.

By running to the north they put a face to slavery, which recruited a lot of abolitionists.”Jurnee admits that Rosalee was a tough role to play both physically and emotionally.

So, she often needed to find ways to decompress after a long day on set.

When it came to even participating in this show, she went with what drew her soul, not what people suggested she’d do.

“This one’s for me, I need to do this.” Bell was so dedicated to her role that she even completed all her episodes through the last trimester of her pregnancy!

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